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The following pictures show facial hair removal results for a client, through regular and structured treatments over a three month period.



Having struggled for many years with a condition in my beard described by some doctors and dermatologists as acute folliculitis and having tried many skin creams, soaps, antibiotics and other prescription drugs, all without success, I decided to explore the possibility of electrolysis in a bid to help my condition. I found Sara Thomas/Gender Transitions via an internet search for electrolysis. After a consultation I felt for the first time I had spoken with someone who actually took my condition extremely seriously and someone who understood the pain, anxiety and depression such a condition can cause a person.

The treatment Sara gave me worked well and has relieved me of much irritation, pain and embarrassment such a skin condition can cause. The course of treatment provided was also very reasonably priced, especially considering what previous dermatologists I'd seen had been looking to charge me for various treatments.

Sara is a consummate professional and also a very kind and caring person who will make you feel at ease during your treatment and will also keep you fully informed of anything you should know as you go along. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sara to anyone in a similar position to mine. I am very grateful for what Sara achieved for me.
- Andy Clarke

I first met Sara after being recommended to her by an ex client (of hers) and my gender reassignment surgeon. She undertook my full genital hair removal prior to my surgery. I can honestly say that I will always be indebted to her for her personal manner and care, her professionalism and her well respected electrolysis expertise that made each and every one of my sessions both as bearable and pain free as possible, and totally effective within the necessary timescales. Having successfully had my surgery two years ago, Sara is now succeeding in methodically removing all traces of my remaining facial hair growth with her usual skill and expertise. Sara is rightfully acknowledged as a leading expert and exponent of electrolysis hair removal and, like so many other girls who have undergone gender reassignment surgery, much of the credit for our successful outcomes are due to her skills and expertise.
- Leanne H

I have been having facial electrolysis with Sara Thomas for one year at present and I have discreetly and uniformly lost most of my shadow without the embarrassment of bald patches. Sara has worked with TS's & TG's for many years and so cares and understands our needs. She works fast but would never push you faster than you or your skin dictate. She is an experienced and well-qualified electrolysist and beautician and always tests your skin's reaction at the outset; and should your skin need a rest occasionally she does a most wonderful facial! I know other electrolysists much nearer to where I live who work with TS's, but it's definitely worth travelling that bit further for someone who can be trusted completely with your best assets!
- Nikki

I can't speak highly enough of the service Sara Thomas provides: skilled effective treatment, a comfortable home environment, and a sympathetic ear too! Visiting Sara is as much pleasure as treatment, and I can thoroughly recommend her to others needing electrolysis.

- Angela

Having recently undergone gender reassignment surgery, I used Sara Thomas to undertake my genital hair removal prior to it. As much of this can only be cleared the once and it must be permanent, Sara's reputation and expertise in this area was very important to me. For such a sensitive treatment, she really puts you at ease and makes the experience as comfortable as possible. I was more than prepared to travel a reasonable distance for sessions to have total peace of mind that I would not encounter any problems post-op.

- Steph

I have had about 80 hours of facial electrolysis at Sara Thomas's hands, spread out over the last 2 years or so. I cannot speak too highly of Sara as an electrolysist and as a person. She is a very professional and competent lady. She has the charm and courtesy to put a client at his/her ease and does everything to minimize the inevitable discomfort and pain of the procedure. She is always willing to discuss all aspects of the treatment and offer useful advice. I highly recommend her.

- Ms Y Allen

Phallus tattooing

Sara tattooed my penis for me to make it look more like that of a biologically born male’s (I am a transgendered male). She carried out this work over three sessions, and I was, and still am, extremely happy with the results. My penis looks very natural; with a darkened and very well defined head, a number of small individual red thread veins, and one long main blue vein running down from the base. Sara is fantastic at putting you at your ease and ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. She answers all the questions you may have before the sessions begin and keeps you informed throughout the process. She wants you to be completely happy with the result, which I was. I would highly recommend Sara’s work.

-Ben P.

Sara made me feel completely at ease during my medical tattooing sessions. She asked me how I wanted things to look and checked in with me throughout the process to ensure what she was tattooing was what I wanted. The end result is fantastic and it has given me so much more confidence with how I look. I would definitely recommend Sara and her excellent work to anybody wanting medical tattooing.

A. B.

I had a medical tattoo by Sara last year, it was something I had been thinking about doing for a while but was a bit apprehensive. Sara was so friendly and professional she made me feel really at ease and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend her, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Oliver C.

Labia tattooing

Whilst every vulva looks different, I am very conscious of the fact that when I had my reassignment surgery, whilst everything physically looked great, the colours weren’t exactly right. I mentioned this to Sara, at which point she told me about this cosmetic tattoo procedure she was able to do, and had achieved great results from. From that moment I knew that the procedure was exactly what I needed to get my “down below” exactly how I wanted it. She explained the full procedure in a consultation to me, including prices, pigments, and realistic expectations, after which I decided to go ahead. With EMLA cream, the 2 procedures (a month or so apart) weren’t much more than a strong vibration, and minor discomfort at most. Despite a few days of pain, swelling and inflammation afterwards, I can safely say I am extremely happy with the result ????. It has faded only a little bit since I got it done, and so only a small top-up is needed (but this was all explained to me, and so nothing unexpected has come about). Sara is a wonderful lady who has helped so many people like me achieve true body confidence, who practices with a holistic approach for each patient. I would 100% recommend her to anyone that asked me. Thank you!

-D. S. (Medicine Pre-Clinical)

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