Fitness Transitions

Fitness Transitions

Sara is pleased to introduce her son, Adam Thomas from Fitness Transitions to her practice.

No better wealth than your health

Since he was a young child he played golf to a high standard and was committed to a martial arts (Ju-Jitsu) for 12 years, and was involved in teaching students.

He qualified as a Personal Trainer and also in Anatomy & Physiology, Group Studio Cycling, Boot Camp and Circuits Instructor, Exercise Referral and Boxercise Instructor.

His desire is to help patients who are going through the process of gender reassignment from male to female who need to reduce their BMI and inches around their waist line prior to surgery. Additionally, patients from female to male who wish to increase muscle fibre and body mass while receiving male hormones prior to and post gender reassignment surgery.
(See below for client feedback.)


Body Fat Reduction and Size Building


For more details please contact Adam on:

Mobile: 07932 596122 • Email:
fitnesstransitions (instagram)
Find me on facebook:

He also offers his professional and reassuring service to any ladies or gentlemen requiring:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness Relation to your desired Sport
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Sports Injury
  • Lean Muscle Mass and Nutritional Guidance
  • Body Fat Reduction
  • Motivational Support

The service includes a full health check, BMI (Body Mass Index) check, lifestyle, Medical History, Blood Pressure and Body Measurements and Skin Calipers.

Adam is available to communicate with your needs from Monday to Saturday.

Client Feedback

Since signing up for PT sessions Adam has helped me loose about 9-10kg in weight. The sessions have been very well planned to help me reach my goal. I could not have come this far without Adam's support, he also has a very watchful eye on me outside of the PT sessions to ensure I am staying active and eating healthy.
B. J.

Since starting my Personal Training 3 months ago, I am a different person in many ways. My body has changed shape for the better and I have dropped a total of 8kg! I feel motivated to exercise, now that I have a variety of exercise programmes. Before, I used to dread my exercise routine but now I can't wait for it to begin. It is not all about the exercise, Adam has given me very good nutrition advice which helps keep the pounds off. (Eat green, get lean!) Overall Adam is a great trainer and fair person! Always on time, never delay... and definitely gets the best out of me and I cannot recommend him highly enough!
A. P.

Adam knows his stuff! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Adam. He managed to push me beyond my comfort zone and I have seen the results! I can recommend Adam to anybody wanting results and a knowledgeable personal trainer.
J. Van d M.

Adam, I honestly don't know where to start from, as you have provided me with tremendous help and encouragement and allowed me to instil great confidence in myself.

From a guy who originally had been struggling to decrease his belly fat for a long period of time and could not lift any weights and struggled to do a single press-up to someone who can now proudly say that he can comfortably do all this within a short period of time I must state that I was genuinely surprised with the good progress I believe I have made.

Although I must admit the sessions were tough and strenuous I admire the way you provided support and general assistance to ensure I achieved the maximum from the session.

I have learned so much in such a small space of time and now can implement everything you have taught me to my daily routine and for the long term.

I must add you were always there to talk to over the phone etc., and one thing I admire is your determination for clients to succeed, putting this at the forefront of your training.

I would recommend you to anyone out there looking to get into shape and and trust me, with your point by point guidance, including weight and food, anyone is ensured of achieving success.

Once again, I thank you for your hard work and dedication.
A. A.

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